The monument in Ibiza that attracts energy, UFOs and tourists

Those who know me well and read this blog, know that I’m an adventurous traveller and a lively and cheerful little fairy and, even living happily in my agrotourism in Ibiza, am always open to learning new things. I go around the world with eyes wide open so as to not miss a single thing along the way. Well today I want to tell you about one of the strangest thing my clever eyes have ever seen on this island: a compass for UFOs, or something like it. Billionaire Guy Liberté, creator of the Cirque du Soleil and one of

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How to survive the summer and not die trying

Hello, for those of you who don’t know who I am, let me tell you I’m a little pixie that lives in the most beautiful rural hotel, Vinya den Palerm, north of the island. In this blog I usually write about Ibiza and the best places and things to visit and do, some call me blogger but I prefer that you call me Elvah. Summer, heat, lots of heat, even more heat and more tiredness because there are more daylight hours so we do more every day, office, asphalt, smoke, early mornings, tons of friends filling you with envy on

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Rock Climbing in Ibiza

Today I want to talk about a sport, unknown for many, which is practised quite a lot in Ibiza, rock climbing, probably one of the most motivating sports you can find in which you challenge yourself at every metre. We all know Ibiza is a paradise and not just for its villages, its people or its wonderful beaches, coves and cliffs that make the landscape incredible, but also because it hides beautiful corners both inland and at rock level. Yes, at rock level, because there are many walls in Ibiza but today we’re going to talk about ones which are

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In search of the best hidden secret of Ibiza.

Ibiza is wonderful and never ceases to amaze me. Despite all the time I’ve been swarming around here I still run across some unknown place. Not only in the surroundings of the agro-tourism but on the entire island which I love overflying from north to south and from east to west. Lately I’ve been thinking of a unique place in Ibiza I hadn’t heard of yet, a hidden corner no one had told me about. A few years ago and purely by chance I found the photo of a celebrity on holidays in Ibiza on Instagram (as you know I

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The scent of Ibiza in May

“Left home with a smile on my face, got up really happy today, the morning sun shining on my face and a cool breeze helps me wake up!”. Just like one of my favourite songs, today is a new day full of opportunities in Ibiza, of new things to discover, of beautiful landscapes to admire and unforgettable moments to live. Today Ibiza smells of Summer 2016, on previous years days like this had the whiff of Summer 2015, Summer 2014,… and so on for all the history of the island and its tourism. First thing I have to say is

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As you know, I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful and peaceful agrotourism north of Ibiza. For me, this is the most authentic area of the island, where you can still find places where tourism, or rather, the lack of it, has allowed things to remain the same as 50 years ago. One of the most popular attractions of Ibiza, for its peculiarity, its beauty and its mysticism is the beach of Benirras. A beautiful beach of pebbles in an enclosed bay sheltered by hills and trails, and the ever present Mediterranean Sea. And right in the middle

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