The monument in Ibiza that attracts energy, UFOs and tourists

Those who know me well and read this blog, know that I’m an adventurous traveller and a lively and cheerful little fairy and, even living happily in my agrotourism in Ibiza, am always open to learning new things.

I go around the world with eyes wide open so as to not miss a single thing along the way. Well today I want to tell you about one of the strangest thing my clever eyes have ever seen on this island: a compass for UFOs, or something like it.

Billionaire Guy Liberté, creator of the Cirque du Soleil and one of the few space tourists, has had the artist Andrew Rodgers create one of Spain’s most impressive open air modern Art monument.


Inspired by the world of paranormal phenomena, astronomy and energy, he has erected a giant sculpture on a public esplanade close to Cala Llentia.

Formed by12 basalt columns placed in circular shape, it is reminiscent of the Stonehenge monument. And in the centre of the circle stands a gold topped taller column that reflects the last rays of sun each evening.

When I first saw it I thought it was a giant sundial, but according to his ideologue it is actually meant to simulate the movement of the planets around the sun. And it has a special symbolism to attract energy points, magnetic vibrations, and at the same time, of course, many tourists.
And it is no coincidence that in all this enclave you can find, both protagonist and spectator, the mysterious Es Vedra. Surrounded by legends, myths and stories of UFOs, her presence accompanies the mysticism of this huge work of art.

Even if you hear a lot about it, it’s one of those things that you have to see to lbelieve. And yes, it is true that there are so many outrageous things on this island every year that it is difficult to be surprised by anything but this piece of folly is definitely worth it.

Getting there is fairly easy, although it is not well indicated. You have go direction to Cala Conta and take a detour to the left just a little before the cove. Take the narrow road to Cala Llentia, park the car on the side and let your imagination fly.

Take a moment to walk between the columns and take in every detail, trying to feel some kind of strange energy or magical aura, some connection with extraterrestrials or the great beyond. Or just sit on one of its stone bases and see the sun slowly setting and disappearing into the horizon with the impressive Es Vedrà as a witness.

Be you more or less superstitious or spiritual this place will not leave you unmoved. Adventurous fairy word.



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