Have you ever heard of Cala Llentrisca?

I call it the secret cove. Lots of people don’t know where it is nor how to get there. I’m not going to tell you either, I hope you’re an adventurous soul and that you might want to try and find the cove with the small clues I’m going to give you.

The first clue is that the closest town is Es Cubells, a small village in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia and although it is true that it lives largely from tourism (asdoes the whole island), it also retains its traditions.

I have sometimes (secretly) got on the car of one of the guests of Vinya den Palerm, the people who stay there are worthy enough to discover the secret places of Ibiza, being as they are very respectful in every way, no malicious comparisons meant.

When I drive into the road to Es Cubells I suddenly feel as if I am part of a picture…I smile with joy and without knowing how … I feel in another place, where even the smell of the air changes, there are images of landscapes with fields and houses and peasant men and women collecting their harvest or keeping their goats company while they graze, as if time had not passed there, the colors of the landscape are incredible in any season, be it sunny or clogged with clouds.

The second clue I’m going to give you is that Cala Llentrisca is a very small fishermen cove, with two accesses, from one of them you can admire Es Vedrà from a different point from the often seen by tourists and it is a beautiful but long and hard tour, only apt for those well trained to walk. The second access is easier and also has its charm, you can get nearer with the car although I have to warn you that it is a very special cove where you’ll only find some underwater divers and the owners of the fishermen’s boat-houses, mostly nearby dwellers that go fishing and have some hearty family lunches.

The third clue is that before reaching the cove you have to walk a little bit on the edge of the mountain, it is a very narrow dirt road, so not everyone can get there. And then, suddenly, you get to see the cove from above and it is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, a painting in movement as I like to say, very small, with algae instead of sand and several fishermen’s boat-houses, a small pier and the most absolute solitude. Once you’re down, from the mountain of algae you can see the coast of Ibiza and the turquoise water standing out from the blue sky and dark blues of the sea, a wonderful photograph.

Cala Llentrisca is not a cove like the rest, it is a cove that deserves remaining as it is.


Foto: Xescu Prats


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  • Chris

    Cala Llentrisca was certainly worth the walk from the spot with the view of Es Vedra. I’m getting on in years so the visit last week may be the only time I do it that way though :)

    Hope it remains forever unspoilt.

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