Dear friends,

It’s September, the season comes to an end and that means only one word: rest.

These are being months of hard work in the agro-tourism, of devoting ourselves in body and soul to tourists, visitors and friends … and the days are starting to take their toll, my fairy energy is gradually depleting.

I am very happy to be fully enjoying every day of the summer, each of the guests, the sun, the excursions, the beaches … So it will be a happy rest, with the memories of these magical moments spent with you, but also a well deserved rest. This happy little fairy needs to stop.

And that’s why I’m planning to take a few days to take care of myself, in all aspects and levels. I’m thinking of taking a retreat in Ibiza.

The island is a perfect place for this type of activity, since you only need a beautiful and quiet place and Ibiza is full of corners of peace and rest.

There are several types of retreat in which several more or less known practices are carried out, like yoga, fasting, holistic healing … The important thing is to find your personal well-being and the balance between body, mind and soul.

We live in such a fast-paced society and in a world that’s always so fast that it’s sometimes necessary to stop short.


11062740_763708310412887_4221652862846907687_nStop and think where we’re going, what we are really looking for and if the road we are taking is the one that’s leading us where we want to go. And especially for me, the most important thing is to realize whether or not I’m enjoying that road.

And what better way to arrive to this reflection than forcing us to stop and giving us a couple of days of retreat in a unique environment; in this wonderful island full of beauty, nature and fresh air.

I can already imagine myself practicing yoga on a mat at sunset with a stunning sunset lighting up my wings and giving me warmth. Or enjoying a hearty and healthy breakfast to fill me up with energy. And more than anything I can imagine myself in silence, quiet, relaxed … in peace.

I’ve been able to find several companies online dedicated to these type of retreats or even rural houses and private homes that offer their facilities and spaces. The most important thing is to being well informed of the activities carried out every day, the type of food and lodging on offer, the environment and the facilities, and it’s especially relevant to know the professionals who will be accompanying you these days.

I’ve already made my mind up, it’ll be a great holiday to fill myself with good things and new friends, and to discover a more spiritual Ibiza than the one that we are used to seeing on TV and the newspapers.

What about you? How about taking a few days to take care of yourself inside and out? If so, you know that the island has much to offer.


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