A walk through the street markets of Ibiza

Today I’m going to talk about one of the island’s greatest charms since Ibiza wouldn’t be Ibiza without street markets, markets wouldn’t be markets without their artisans and artisans wouldn’t be artisans without the people who appreciate their work and go to these places to be able to buy their handicrafts.

Spending a morning or an afternoon at a street market in Ibiza is a great plan to enjoy alone, with friends or family, not just for their stands but for the whole atmosphere, for all the different people we can find in them or the memories that they can give us, material or otherwise.

During the summer there are many markets in different parts of the island, even if you don’t go out looking for one you’ll end up finding one, it’s inevitable and I like it.

Since winter is around the corner and we are saying goodbye to Ibiza’s summer season 2016 I’m going to tell you about the most legendary markets and/or those that can be enjoyed all year round.

The oldest and largest is the Hippy Market in Punta Arabi, open every Wednesday since 1973, there is little time left to enjoy it as it closes its doors in October to prepare the next season. Artisans, merchants, musicians and artists from around the world meet there. Don’t miss the area where you can see the artisans working, live concerts at different points, playground, several bars for snacking and cooling off and endless entertainment.

The Flea Market at Cala Lenya, a market that you can’t miss on sundays, all winter people of the island sell their secondhand objects all winter, you can find everything from shoes, to a screwdriver, furniture, a shirt, a mosquito net, anything you can think of. There is always live music and you can have a drink while you enjoy the atmosphere and rush to the dance floor.

The street market at Sant Jordi is another flea market that can be visited on Saturdays. It is set up at what used to be a racetrack and many people on the island (especially in winter) sell many-colored objects, you’re sure to find some curious things between stand and stand. You can often find people playing drums making a very authentic and lively atmosphere.

The market at Las Dalias on Saturdays, the cool market par excellence, is much smaller i winter than in summer but has its charm, in summer it is sometimes celebrated at night, in winter during the day. You can find everything from adlib clothes (typical of Ibiza), jewellery, musical instruments, textiles, books …

The market at San Juan on Sundays, a charming place where several artisans sell their creations in what we could say  is the town square, although it’s very small  you can spend a wonderful morning enlivened with live music and take some small treasure with you as a souvenir.



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