A walk through the street markets of Ibiza

Today I’m going to talk about one of the island’s greatest charms since Ibiza wouldn’t be Ibiza without street markets, markets wouldn’t be markets without their artisans and artisans wouldn’t be artisans without the people who appreciate their work and go to these places to be able to buy their handicrafts. Spending a morning or an afternoon at a street market in Ibiza is a great plan to enjoy alone, with friends or family, not just for their stands but for the whole atmosphere, for all the different people we can find in them or the memories that they can

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5 photos that you have to take in Ibiza

Ibiza is a beautiful island, a wonderful paradise, still undiscovered by many, to be enjoyed by all of us that choose to come to spend some of our holidays here. In these days when mobile phones and new technologies take up all our time, I decided to write this post to make your life and your holidays easier to those who come to the island and want to take back a pleasant memory. That is, I want you to go back home with the best photos of your trip, and that you can make the most of every moment without

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Let’s take care of our islands, let’s take of the Mediterranean

Hello friends, another summer is ending and I’m aware that most of our islands have lost a little bit of life again, especially our marine life, and that saddens me. Today our heroine is the authentic, the genuine, the with 3,000-year-old marine plant that has chosen to live exclusively in the Mediterranean in underwater meadows and plantations, the rich, the unique and valued oceanic Posidonia, she is without doubt a superior plant, an underwater plant that originated inland. Her growth is horizontal, her stems are crawling, she flowers and reproduces by seeds. She embraces us, gives us life, and in

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Dear friends, It’s September, the season comes to an end and that means only one word: rest. These are being months of hard work in the agro-tourism, of devoting ourselves in body and soul to tourists, visitors and friends … and the days are starting to take their toll, my fairy energy is gradually depleting. I am very happy to be fully enjoying every day of the summer, each of the guests, the sun, the excursions, the beaches … So it will be a happy rest, with the memories of these magical moments spent with you, but also a well

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Have you ever heard of Cala Llentrisca?

I call it the secret cove. Lots of people don’t know where it is nor how to get there. I’m not going to tell you either, I hope you’re an adventurous soul and that you might want to try and find the cove with the small clues I’m going to give you. The first clue is that the closest town is Es Cubells, a small village in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia and although it is true that it lives largely from tourism (asdoes the whole island), it also retains its traditions. I have sometimes (secretly) got

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Snorkel in Ibiza

Today I want to tell you about the best places to snorkel in Ibiza. But first I want to ask you an essential question the answer to which is key to understanding the rest of the post. What is the best thing about Ibiza? … (Come on, think a little more) … That it’s an island! It seems very obvious, but once you live here you sometimes forget about it and it is something important to remember. We are surrounded by sea and all our coast (210 km long) consists of beautiful places to swim, fish, sunbathe, relax, sail, dive

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