Snorkel in Ibiza

Today I want to tell you about the best places to snorkel in Ibiza. But first I want to ask you an essential question the answer to which is key to understanding the rest of the post.

What is the best thing about Ibiza?

(Come on, think a little more)

That it’s an island!

It seems very obvious, but once you live here you sometimes forget about it and it is something important to remember.

We are surrounded by sea and all our coast (210 km long) consists of beautiful places to swim, fish, sunbathe, relax, sail, dive from a rock, make sandcastles, go kayaking, practise watersports and… snorkeling.

Here’s where I wanted to get to. With 210 kilometers of coastline imagine the immensity of places we can choose to discover the seabed of Ibiza with just a pair of goggles and a snorkel.

I must confess that although I’m a magical being and I can fly over the whole island, going under the sea has never been my specialty. So I haven’t gone snorkelling all along the coast, and there may be many great places to snorkel that I don’t know.

These are, without doubt, my favorite places.

Aguas Blancas. This might come as a surprise because it is a long sandy beach where there are not many rocks where you can snorkel. That’s true, but this is where I learned to enjoy this sport.

To the right of the beach there are two large rocks, and on the days when the sea is like glass it’s a treat to go swimming there. Enjoy the crystal clear water and white sand like you’re in a movie. And around the rocks there are many small fish and some hidden octopus.

It is perfect to go with children because since the water is so clear with hardly algae nor sea grass, you can see the bottom perfectly and the kids enjoy it more.

Cala Xarraca is a wonderful cove to snorkel. It is north of the island so there are less tourists and boats and its waters are of a turquoise color that you can hardly believe while swimming.

A fairy trick is to go to a cave on the left side where the seabeds are amazing and full of underwater life. Of course, humans have to pedal or kayac there or kayak as it is a bit far to go swimming.

And what about Punta Galera! If the place is beautiful on the surface just imagine it under the sea. There is so much life in there that I can’t stop singing the song of the Little Mermaid: ‘Under the seeeea under the seeeeeea’

And nearby is Cala Salada, Cala Gració, the rocks near Cala Conta … places where you can spend hours discovering a world we have so close yet so distant.

These are my favorite places, but … Which are your top places to snorkel in Ibiza?


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