The scent of Ibiza in May

ibiza“Left home with a smile on my face, got up really happy today, the morning sun shining on my face and a cool breeze helps me wake up!”. Just like one of my favourite songs, today is a new day full of opportunities in Ibiza, of new things to discover, of beautiful landscapes to admire and unforgettable moments to live.

Today Ibiza smells of Summer 2016, on previous years days like this had the whiff of Summer 2015, Summer 2014,… and so on for all the history of the island and its tourism.

First thing I have to say is that we are in full spring and the island is beautiful, look where you may look. Thousands of colourful flowers decorate the deep green fields that stand out next to the red of the newly ploughed earth or the yellow of the dried herbs ready for summer. All this beauty surrounds our Vinya den Palerm agrotourism, an orchard of living nature that, may I remind you, is located north of the island, at San Miguel.

You can sense how it’s filling up with people, they transmit the joy and excitement of their holidays, a come and go of people that prefer to come this month when it’s still not so crowded, though in our area peace and quiet can be found even in mid-summer.

The beginning of a new season in Ibiza always comes hand in hand with sun, endless beach days and the openings of several restaurants, terraces and hippy markets that lie dormant in winter. It also comes with fresh and quiet nights only disturbed by the sound of white owls, nocturnal birds, roosters at dawn and an always present sea breeze.

It is an ideal moment for going on long walks and doing the occasional excursion to get some exercise and to admire the surroundings without the suffocating temperatures of summer. It’s also a great time to go to any beach and have it nearly only for oneself, with the stunning turquoise waters and the fishermen’s boathouses rising above the sand.

Visitors from around the world start to arrive, with their different tastes, some prefer the more industrial Ibiza to enjoy the electronic music that hides inside the nightclubs by the hand of the most legendary DJs of the world or going from beach club to beach club to see and be seen.

Others prefer to enjoy the wonderful beaches of the island, to sail, to discover the essence of the traditions, villages and people, like the remains of the places which late 60s and early 70s began to be a reference of the hippie movement and that you can still find today.

The people of Ibiza were very welcoming and opened their doors then to the new visitors as they still do today. Ibizan and hippies had something very important in common: A huge heart open to the world, to people and to life. And that’s why the scent of Ibiza is special, more so now that we are all back together, and it’s you that makes it happen.

If you see this video you will have a mad desire to come to Ibiza:


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