Ibiza makes me happy

I left the agroturism in San Miguel with a smile on. Today I woke up really happy. The morning sun shines on my face and a cool breeze helps me wake up. And why? Because I’ve discovered that I live in the most beautiful island in the world, and I can only give thanks for the good fortune I have. And I’m sure that all you reading this, residents and tourists alike, are nodding and agreeing with me. We are grateful and we say it out loud! Grateful for the climate we have, for the beautiful light that illuminates us

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What to do in Ibiza in spring?

It’s already summer in Ibiza! Well, okay, it’s really still spring but as soon as the temperatures rises, the island starts to wake up and to enjoy the beaches and leisure activities at their best. True, the water is still cold and many of the bars, restaurants and nightclubs are still closed , but the beaches are empty, there are few tourists and sunbeds and you can already sunbathe in bikini (or without it) without anyone bothering you. So, we have already opened Vinya d’en Palerm boutique hotel to host the first ‘holiday-makers’ of the season because Spring is the

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Workshops for the heart

Spring has arrived at Vinya den Palerm, and with it not only flowers bloom but we do, too. Something I know is that “sap rises in the Spring” so during these months it is really important that we work to balance the energy within us and make the most of all this internal spring revolution. Not that I’m a scholar on inner peace, but these days I constantly hear Neus talking about it. She’s really taken this issue to heart and she wants all the island to do the same so she’s already organising some workshops for next April. They

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Places to get lost in Ibiza

You’re bound to have seen and read a thousand articles on the essential places to visit in Ibiza. Well this will not be just another post, because I’m sure you’ve never read one written by a shrewd and witty fairy like me! These are my favourite spots in Ibiza, those where I feel most connected with the island and its nature, the ones I never get tired of going to. Most of them are somewhat hidden, but that makes them even more magical. So set your adventurous spirit free to get to know the most surprising side of Ibiza. Yes,

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One February day in the magical island

When the first rays of light peek through the window of Vinya d’en Palerm agrotourism, I start to wake up. First my toes change temperature, then my eyelids open up and I just can’t close them again. Another winter day is starting and I have to make the most of it. After an invigorating shower I put on a warm fairy dress and go out to receive the first rays of sun, they may not be the warmest but they certainly are the most beautiful. The morning light of Ibiza is different from other places, it tints the countryside, the

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Hiking in the White Island

After the Christmas holidays, February is the month to keep up the new year resolutions you made for 2016, don’t you think so? Besides eating well and healthy, as we learned in my previous post, it’s also time to do some sport in Ibiza. But I’m not talking about going to the gym, no, why lock yourself into a gym gazing at a wall when you’re in a beautiful island with an almost spring weather all year round? I’m talking about another type of sport, one that allows you to breath fresh air, to discover unusual landscapes and and to

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