Rock Climbing in Ibiza

cropped-pipe2 Today I want to talk about a sport, unknown for many, which is practised quite a lot in Ibiza, rock climbing, probably one of the most motivating sports you can find in which you challenge yourself at every metre.

We all know Ibiza is a paradise and not just for its villages, its people or its wonderful beaches, coves and cliffs that make the landscape incredible, but also because it hides beautiful corners both inland and at rock level.

Yes, at rock level, because there are many walls in Ibiza but today we’re going to talk about ones which are a little bit more special, where many people practise sport climbing and which are surrounded by spectacular scenery.

Climbing can be practised in different types of rock (sandstone, limestone, conglomerate, hail, volcanic …) being limestone the most predominant in Ibiza, although you can find some sandstone and conglomerate areas.

There are also different types of climbing such as boulder, sports, classic, psicobloc, artificial … There are different climbing areas in Ibiza to practice one or the other. In climbing, areas are called schools. Schools have different lanes(ways up, so to speak) and these also can have different degrees of difficulty.

Schools are mostly found north of the island, one of the schools is San Miguel, where our rural hotel is located, it’s called “Sol y Sombra”. Another very impressive school for most climbers is found in the area of St. Agnes, and there are quite a few more you’ll discover when you come. The most famous one, and the only one south of the island is called “Buddha” and has amazing views of Es Vedra.

If you’re not a pro or you haven’t practised a lot it is really important to always be accompanied by someone with experience because it is essential to know how to put on your harness, the techniques for ascending and descending, how to tie knots, how to secure, how to use all the equipment in general.

It is also important if you come to Ibiza to be able to go to these places with other people who really know the terrain, you’ll find there are very nice groups of climbers always willing to help and share.

I’m going to make a habit of this sport, it’s also a lovely way to meet great, healthy, sporty people who feel in harmony with nature.

For me, mountain equals relax, fresh air, nature, unwinding. It’s one the most amazing places to get lost and to wonder at how fortunate we are and how little we usually value that. We’re always complaining about many little things, without stopping to think just how insignificant they may be and how important the many other positive things around us are and going to the mountains always sets me in a good mood to reflect on those things.


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  • Duc Turner

    I would like to book a day or two rock climbing in Ibiza. I wonder if you can help. I am in Ibiza for 10 days from 17 September.

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