How to survive the summer and not die trying

Hello, for those of you who don’t know who I am, let me tell you I’m a little pixie that lives in the most beautiful rural hotel, Vinya den Palerm, north of the island. In this blog I usually write about Ibiza and the best places and things to visit and do, some call me blogger but I prefer that you call me Elvah.

Summer, heat, lots of heat, even more heat and more tiredness because there are more daylight hours so we do more every day, office, asphalt, smoke, early mornings, tons of friends filling you with envy on Facebook showing a foot barely touching the sand… sounds familiar? Do you feel identified?

Don’t suffer! I’m going to share a tip to survive the summer and not die trying. If you’re at your limit and you really need some holidays, then this post is definitely for you.

1. Go and get yourself some days off because you deserve them, you need to give your mind a rest, change your routines and really enjoy yourself,

2. Choose Ibiza as a destination. It’s a natural paradise that can be reached from everywhere and where you can do whatever you want to do, active tourism, have peace and quiet or go partying non-stop.

3. If you like authentic places and to be surrounded by nature, to avoid the masses and the cars and the noise then I recommend you stay at the north of the island.

4. Buy a flight ticket and book your stay at Vinya den Palerm agrotourism where I live and where the Palerm family put out all their love and care year after year for your enjoyment.

5. Make the time until the day you start your holidays more enjoyable by  reading our blog where you have lots of interesting information on the island.

6. Pack your bags and leave all the worries and obligations at home, you’ll get back to them in a few days, they’ll know how take care of themselves.

7. Rent a car to be able to tour the island or just to move around easily to go to a beach, a village or to watch a magical sunset.

8. The day has come, tomorrow you will be in Ibiza without having anything else to do than to enjoy everything around you: beaches, coves, natural scenery, sunshine, hippy markets, lovely small villages, typical cuisine, swimming pool, chill out , charming hotel in the north of Ibiza …

9. At Vinya den Palerm you’ll feel at home and on holidays at the same time, they will recommend places to visit in the north of the island and in other areas,  mythical places that you have to know and secret corners that will make you vibrate with emotion.

10. Try to have the best holidays of your life, do just what you want to and indulge yourself, these days are for you, let yourself be pampered.

If you see me, don’t tell anyone, I’ll wait for you amidst the flowers in the garden.


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