In search of the best hidden secret of Ibiza.

Ibiza is wonderful and never ceases to amaze me. Despite all the time I’ve been swarming around here I still run across some unknown place. Not only in the surroundings of the agro-tourism but on the entire island which I love overflying from north to south and from east to west.

Lately I’ve been thinking of a unique place in Ibiza I hadn’t heard of yet, a hidden corner no one had told me about.

Screen Shot 06-03-16 at 08.48 AMA few years ago and purely by chance I found the photo of a celebrity on holidays in Ibiza on Instagram (as you know I am very technological fairy). The photo was taken at a really impressive site, some natural pools flanked by high cliff-like rocks.

But what really caught my attention is that I didn’t know that place. I pride myself on knowing every creek, nook and cranny around and I suddenly bumped into reality. Ibiza is never-ending and you never stop discovering her.

And that thought made me smile. All the things I had yet to discover…

But time passed, and since the photo didn’t give any indications nor the name of the magical place I resigned myself to wait to discover it.

And suddenly, a couple of weeks ago, voilà, again on the Internet I came across the same place, and my thrilled smile came back again. This time it was an article about secret places of Ibiza and with the photo there was a small description of the place, and most importantly, how to get there.

The indications, it must be said, were quite brief. I guess what makes this place so special is its mystery and it being so little known even by the locals. So I understood they didn’t want to give too many details about where it was, to keep its mysticism intact.

Screen Shot 06-03-16 at 08.38 AM

However I already had all the information I needed. The area was west of the island, near Port des Torrent, so I thought that my local friends in that area had to know the place. And, true enough, one of them gave me the exact location and indications on how to get there.

So now I have a mission ahead and I’m really very excited, finding this hidden corner west of Ibiza and not telling anyone how I got there. If someone asks me to take them I won’t be able to say no, because the island belongs to everyone and we all have the right to enjoy it, but I’ll be putting a silk blindfold on their eyes so they won’t know how to come back.

You have to understand that as a blogger I have a tremendous impact on the island and lots of friends and acquaintances, so if I reveal the secret it will no longer be a mystery and it will lose its magic. However, I do promise to take a photo as proof that I found the place.


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  • Residente en port des torrent

    Es muy fácil llegar. Es punta sa pedrera. Si necesitas más info, contacta conmigo. Un saludo

  • Sara

    Hola! Primeramente quiero empezar por un “gracias”, por no desvelar el secreto de tal rincón y por hablar con tanto mimo de esta isla que me vio nacer. Vengo de una familia de ibicencos,de los que son autóctonos en la isla… En mi familia gozamos de uno de esos chalets de verano con piscina de aguas naturales cómo le llamo yo :) son las casetas de oescadores que se pueden encontrar por toda isla. Eso es el sueño de muchos y yo tengo esa gran suerte. El rincóncito del que hablas esta muy cerca de nuestra caseta y tanto mis tíos,mi madre, cómo ahora nosotros lo disfrutamos desde pequeños. Es un sitio mágico que cómo tú dices pocos conocen, y que espero que siga siendo así, ya que todo lo que pisa el ser humano acaba siendo destrozado. Gracias por este artículo y gracias por querer mi isla tanto cómo yo. ;)

    • Leandro javier viola

      Ya lo eh encontrado gracias por la publicacion !!!!

  • Jordi

    Gracias por no desvelar el lugar. Yo voy ahí habitualmente ya que vivo cerca y no querría que se masificara de personas que acabarán ensuciando el lugar. Por desgracia como sabes hay mucho marrano desaprensivo. Disfruta del sitio siempre que puedas !!

  • ismael

    Hola, soy un enamorado de esta islíta, me gustaría algo de info de ese lugar tan mágico. Gracias

  • Leandro javier viola

    Buenas tardes ! Eh visto esta publicacion ! Y la verdad me quede impactado ya que soy amante de la isla ! Tambien me la eh recorrido de pe a pa ! Quisiera saber si pudieran mandarme un mail con indicaciones para poder llegar o que me lleven a descubrir este maravilloso lugar ! Desde ya muchas gracias por no dar indicaciones pienso igual que ustedes la gente destruye los lugares !!! Un saludo

  • Ibiza lover

    I went there by foot this year, climbed down and went inside the natural pool.. it’s hard to get down there if you can’t climb and slippery when you walk inside so be careful.. but it is like a beautiful natural pool where the waves from the ocean crash up between the gap in the rocks <3 When I post my pictures of secret places in Ibiza many people ask me where the places are but I do not tell, not even the names of them or where on the island they are :)


    Me podrías pasar por correo elecontrico sitios escondidos como este, de la isla porfabor?

    Gracias de antemano

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