Getting lost in Las Salinas of Ibiza

March 12th , 2015, Vinya d’en Palerm rural hotel


Today we will go on an outing to one of the most spectacular areas of Ibiza: Ses Salines or Las Salinas.

Getting lost in Las Salinas is like taking a walk through paradise: to admire the elegance of the flamingos, discover the sky, sun and clouds reflected in the lakes, and be captivated by the blues and turquoise of its beach.

A unique festival of beauty and nature that well deserves having been designated protected Nature Reserve on 2001, a must-visit for all who come to spend a few days in Ibiza.

In the spring, when the island is still quiet, the beach of Las Salinas is perfect to spend all day there: sunbathing, swimming and diving, and especially hiking in the area.

I love to start at the beginning of the beach and reach the watchtower and then walk back through the forest of pines. You would be surprised with the amount of pixies, gnomes and fairies who live there.

And to finish the day off there is nothing better than watching the sight of the sun setting over the salt lakes, which get stained a thousand colours to bid the sun goodbye until the next morning.

I already have my backpack prepared and a good camera on hand so as to not miss a single thing. Are you coming?


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  • david starsky

    I wonna get lot over there :)

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