Let’s take care of our islands, let’s take of the Mediterranean

Hello friends, another summer is ending and I’m aware that most of our islands have lost a little bit of life again, especially our marine life, and that saddens me.

Today our heroine is the authentic, the genuine, the with 3,000-year-old marine plant that has chosen to live exclusively in the Mediterranean in underwater meadows and plantations, the rich, the unique and valued oceanic Posidonia, she is without doubt a superior plant, an underwater plant that originated inland.

Her growth is horizontal, her stems are crawling, she flowers and reproduces by seeds.

She embraces us, gives us life, and in return all we offer is a decrease in the areas she inhabits, urbanizing the Mediterranean coast as possessed urbanites, turning the earth into cement and the green into grey.

Nature is wise and one day she will bid us farewell wishing she’d never known us humans!

Posidonia offers benefits, producing different habitats colonized by different living plants and animals that find a place to live protected, to reproduce, grow, feed, creating a wealth of species.

She is an important ecological protective of the environment, producing organic matter and oxygen that purifies the water and attenuates the waves thus protecting the beaches. The oxygenation that occurs in the water is five times more than that of the Amazon jungle.

We offer Posidonia threats:

We pollute the water: much of the waste ends directly and indirectly in the sea littering the sea beds and and clouding the water, which decreases the amount of light available for the plant, the increase in nutrients and organic matter reduces the amount of oxygen in its oxidation.

We practice illegal trawling: clearings are formed in the meadows, bushes are uprooted, the water gets clouded and the light decreases again.

We dredge: to build ports and jetties, mining and gritting … increasing the number of suspended particles covering the Posidonia or leaving her roots exposed to a high risk of breaking.

We anchor, permanently or temporary: the chains are dragged over, plowing, mowing leaves, beams, rhizomes that cover the clearings and unearthing bushes.

In my world of elves we take better care of nature than of ourselves, it’s our most precious asset, even when we’re small and and we jump on the coloured mushrooms our teachers and parents teach us to love living beings like we want to be loved.
The truth is that I didn’t understand it until one day when my cousin started jumping on me and as I cried in pain my mother told me that’s what the mushroom feels when you jump on her.

ALL OF US, those who live here year-round and those who come on holiday: Let’s embrace and take care of the Posidonia together, just a s she does with our beaches and our islands!


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